Tossing Vipers For Exercise?

Last week, a new piece of equipment called ViPR was introduced during SWEAT!. It was a long, tubular object made of what I could only guess was rubber. There were handles all over the thing and it came in different weights, from 4kg all the way to a whopping 20kg. Its name was something that lived up to its less than comforting appearance.

ViPR – pronounced as Viper – stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning. Apparently, it is the new fitness craze of the year. Gym trainers who tried it claim that it is more effective than traditional weight training, and Strength and Conditioning specialists also endorse the use of this equipment. I could tell that Wai Yee was very excited about this new equipment.

As Wai Yee demonstrated the exercises revolving around ViPR, I could feel my confidence in surviving that session wane considerably. The four firemen who were there didn’t seem too think much of the demonstration. Then again, that was their first SWEAT! session.

Wai Yee got us to start by dragging the rubber tube to and fro across the floor, all the while in the plank position. With each rep, I could feel my stamina drain and my arms slowly losing strength. By the time I finished the set of exercises, my arms and back were screaming! After seeing that we could still stand and breathe, Wai Yee moved on to part two.

A Real Drag

Dragging The ViPR

We now had to swing the ViPR forward, then bring it down between our legs and flip it around after bringing it up again. The real kicker was what came afterwards. We had to actually throw the bloody thing away and bring it back, all the while in a sprint. This exercise finished off whatever life force I had left in me. Watch the video

After seeing that the firemen were also fatigued, I did feel a little better about myself. When I thought about the future sessions that would include this same torture device though…I just didn’t seem to share the same excitement as Wai Yee!

Another exercise that includes ViPR can be seen here. This was during another session of SWEAT!


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